From Our Pastor's Desk 

It is finished! Just three little words but these are the words our Savior spoke from the cross announcing that payment in full, sins forgiven. What comfort these words give us, we are God’s forgiven children. Hanging on the cross is the body of our Savior but we are now assured that sins forgiven we may come into the open arms of our heavenly Father.

In the coming week we will have the opportunity to hear more of our savior’s suffering, death and resurrection. Please join us for our special services as we celebrate the ultimate sacrifice our Savior made for us. It is finished! Payment in full!

We know how we feel when our house loan is paid in full. We feel the excitement when we have no more car payments of charge payments. We have the assurance that Jesus made the payment for our sins—paid in full! May the Easter message stay alive in our hearts each day. The excitement that we have the victory over death and eternal life will bring fire to our hearts to live our Christian faith.

Enjoy the message It is finished!

God's richest blessings to you!

Pastor John Dorn